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There’s no substitute for first-hand accounts of career progression, realistic advice about breaking into a profession or insightful tips for career advancement.

Our students need this sort of boost to get onto, and move up, the career ladder. The Leeds Network puts them in touch with the sort of real-life information they need, from people like you.

As a Leeds graduate yourself, you’ll understand the broad range of subjects studied at Leeds.

Whatever you do and wherever you live, there will be a student or young graduate who will value your insight.

Please register as a Leeds Network volunteer if:

  • you would like to answer career-related questions from students by email OR
  • you could provide a one-off profile of your career or career experiences, but would prefer not to be contacted

The Leeds Network is a secure online database of Leeds alumni who have given details about their careers. Access to your profile is restricted to students and recent graduates.

Your email address will not be visible in the first instance. Students contact you through the site so will not be able to see your email address until you reply.

Need more information before joining?

Check our FAQs, or email Emma McKeown,  Alumni Relations Officer

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Once your registration has been checked  by the University’s Careers Centre your profile will be listed securely on the Leeds Network.

Current students and recent graduates may then view your profile and (if you opt to receive emails) contact you .

Your contribution could make a real difference to a young person’s career progression. 

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